Thursday, October 31, 2013

New England and its discontents

I haven't dressed up for halloween in years. Today I am dressed as a cat.

Friday, February 8, 2013


I haven't signed into this in a mad long time, but I noticed how many residual page views i get because of the alexis dziena nude pictures. LULZ. idk if i should resurrect this. havet talked to gretzki about it yet, but i am going to NYC next week, so i can talk it out IRL

Sunday, October 2, 2011

caring is uncool

lately over on the facebook i have been seeing alot of my friends writing shit like "those occupy wall st protesters are mad dumb, im mad smart because i have a business degree". It seems as though in the current climate, for some reason it is uncool to give a shit. anyone who expresses an opinion about unfairness or fucked-upedness in economics or politics is laughed at. everyone is too busy checking out dubstep remixes or jogging or some shit. i dont even know. it just doesnt make sense to me, maybe most of my friends dont actually know any poor people. maybe they think the complaints of the occupy wall st protestors are uninformed or sophomoric. this is how they are being portrayed in the media. there was a ny times editorial that basically said they are confused and dont know anything. the problem is obviously that pretty much anything that appears in a mainstream media outlet is pushing an agenda supporting status quo. being the "paper of record" basically means that the ny times is a paid schill for whichever fascist currently sits in the whitehouse. you know what groups of people were really killing it under fascism? industrialists and bankers, the very same people currently shitting on everyone else in america. what i dont understand is why people from all across the economic spectrum think its fine to be an apologist for these pigs. there was a thing in the economist where they polled people and basically americans dont mind income disparity. by and large people dont think they should have more money relative to rich people. somehow you are supposed to feel bad about the MILLIONAIRES TAX. a million dollars is a FUCKING TON of money. shit after taxes i wonder if most people earn that in their lifetime. (i couldnt be bothered to actually do the math) the media has done such a good job convincing poor saps that they need rich people to stay stupid rich in order for them to get sloppy shitty handouts. people have been convinced that unions are bad. maybe if people are dumb enough to believe that shit they deserve all this. if you vote republican you deserve to be foreclosed on, and you should be in debt for your shitty college degree that wont get u a good job. I just dont understand why nobody seems to care. at least there is equal opportunity indifference and they didnt join the tea party.

Friday, August 5, 2011

remember when gorski used to write too?

whenever i listen to strawberry jam (Animalhoof 2007 jam) i am immediately flooded with feeling of drugmt induced mirth, hallucinations and apathy. Its awesome. Broadcast's Tender Buttons is a smoky melange of contemplative solitude, blanketing darkness, perpetual philosophical meandering, and now grief (RIP trish.. sorry i didnt write an mournful blog entry bout u, i was in ireland... this will have to do). WHen i hear brightblack morning light's s/t album, motion becomes meaningless and i am eternally subdued and amused by a foggy pot storm of complacent indifference. WHen i listen to panda bros tomboy... now available through the internetssss... i wonder how am i ever gonna warmly reflect on this ultra hip chillwave album if i dont have any money for drugs...

that was a good paragraph and it was all abotu shit i dont know anything about. whole different angle

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Baloney Meat Sandwiches. I first heard the expression "Going Ham" from the Pill song "Trap Goin Ham". It Predates the lame Jay Z and Kanye West song. in Trap goin ham he says somethign about "Balogna meat." I liked the expression very much, given how partial i am to balogna meat sandwiches of all varieties.  Rick Ross once said something about crab meats, but i think baloney meats are more better. I have been in Rhinebeck with no one for company but three spoiled, misbehaving dogs. i crave balogna meat. i think tonight i am going to get some baloney. i cant fucking wait. tomorrow was going to be the worst day ever, but instead i am going to get baloney, mow some lawn, check out CCS and fuckkkng chiiillllll.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

for whom the bell tolls

the bell tolls for healy's corners.

softball is the best sport. it allows you to chill. softball is a sport you can play forever, you do not need to be in good shape or anything. it is mad fun, and i love it

Monday, July 18, 2011

HP 7 Part II:::AKA HP 8

I watched Harry Potter Part 8 last night. it was fukcing awesome. Voldemort really hammed it up. He pretty much turned as goofy and ridiculous as a bond villain by the end. there were lots of times where i was like use your fucking magic harry. when the headress thign was on top of the chair pile and he starts climbing up it, i wanted to be like come on fool use a "knockdownthechairpile" spell. idk a few times he was running around and he would be like damn a metal gate whatever am i to do? fucking blast it with the gatefucking spell. the best was how harry was playing dead while voldemort was going on and on about shit then HP was like SUCK A FAT ONE I WAS ONLY PLAYING!!!! he bounded back to life and kicked voldemort's head in. i had completely forgotten the book. daniel radcliffe is hilarious he is a pretty bad actor. i loved the 19 yrs later bit. they stuffed a cushion under ron's shirt, and then you are supposed to believe emma watson looked a day over 22. it was BAAALLLLLLIN> i fucking love u emma watson. if u ever reading this emma watson i want to get married.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yeah buddy

Am making blog post with the iPad. Drug dealers are the worst. If anyone performed at their job as bad as a drug dealer they would totally be fired. Fuxxx that shit imagine if John bobbin had all kinds of different attachments for his cut off dick. The shocker, fists anything

Thursday, July 7, 2011

looks like the only thing casey anthony is guilty of is being hottt

i mean really.

i rlly think it wasnt murder tho. maybe negliegence. suck a fat one nancy grace.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the dumnbest music

today on the radio i listened to the dumbest music

george thorogoood is retarded. all the songs sound the same. the lyrics are really duuummmb this shit is like southern rap

these lyrics are fucking real its like bob dylan
I'm Dynamite (oi oi oi)
And I'll win the fight (oi oi oi)
I'm a power-load (oi oi oi)
Watch me explode